Fotos blog academia nov 2015 036
One of the best ways of helping students become good writers is to think in terms of a process and a product. It is important not only to achieve an accurate final text – the product – but also help students develop more sophisticated writing approaches – the process of writing.
1. What does a good writer do before writing?
• Read questions carefully
• Underline key – information
• Brainstorm vocabulary
• Brainstorm ideas
• Plan the contents and structures
• Think about the target audience
2. What does a good writer do while writing?

• Use a wide range of structures and vocabulary
• Read and re-read what it is written
• Make sure the text has a logical progression
• Use devices to keep the reader informed and interested
• Make sure everything is relevant
• Correct and rewrite words and ideas
• Improve the original plan
3. What does a good writer do after writing?

• Re –read
• Check tenses, check for repetition, spelling, typical mistakes
• Check all relevant information is included
• Attempt to improve the text
• Make sure you have written logical and clearly distinct paragraphs