Helpful egg decorating hints

Before your start to decorate the egg


Hard boil it for at least half an hour.


Blow it; start with an egg which is not straight from the fridge.

  • Use a needle-pin or safety pin to pierce a small hole in the wider end of the egg
  • Then make a slightly larger hole in the other end.
  • Push the pin right into the egg to break the yolk
  • Now hold the egg over a bowl and blow through the small hole to force the contents out through the other end and into the bowl
  • Rinse out the egg under a running tap and leave it to dry well before decorating.


The decorate it

You can use paints, felt tips, crayons or even stick things onto it.

You can change it into a face, a person or animal or just decorate it with a colourful pattern.

To hold it still, use an egg cup, bottle lid or ball of plasticine.



There will be an exhibition and three first prizes will be given a prize and everybody who  takes part will receive a certificate and a little gift.