You can  help yourself to improve your English using the following ten-point action plan to improve your own learning style.

  1. Think about why you want to learn.
  1. Think about how important it is to English. If it is important for you and your job,

you will give it a lot of time. But remember: it is difficult to learn a language well

without classroom lessons and practice outside the classroom.

  1. Decide how much time you can give to your English. You can learn a lot in five or ten minutes per day. Little and often is best.
  1. Think about what you learn. Plan achievable objectives for each day, each week

and each month.

  1. Think about how you learn. For example, do you like to hear new language or to

write it down or to see it on the page? What personal approaches work best for


  1. Plan your work and set targets for the day, the week and the month to come.
  1. Reward yourself. Give yourself a present when you reach a goal.
  1. Think about yourself learning and speaking English well. Adopt a positive attitude. This ‘mental modelling’ is good for your learning.
  1. Keep a diary . Good learners think about their learning. Write

about :

* what you study

* when you study

* how you feel about your study

  1. Review your work. We often don’t learn something the first time we do it. Instead,

we often have to do something three or more times before we can do it well.

You may also discuss some of these questions with your teacher and with other people in your class. Thinking about the questions before you talk about them also helps your learning. 



what your are going to learn.

Have clear goals.


what you are learning.REVIEW

what you have learnt